Winter out, spring in accompanied by Twigle – Bird Identification App

So today is the spring equinox, which for those in the northern hemisphere is a reminder that winter is going and spring is coming in. The snow is melting, plants are bursting into colour and the birds are tweeting.

Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros)

Credit: Siva301in. CC-BY-SA.

Did you say tweeting birds? Yes, with spring also comes lots of tweeting birds, making it the season for bird enthusiasts. Great news is that we will be shortly releasing Twigle, a bird song identification app that will enable you to identify the most common tweeters that will be visiting your garden or backyard.

Twigle is a revolutionary birding app that records several seconds of a bird singing and them helps you identify that bird based on an analysis of that recording. It will not always be able to pin point the exact bird every time but will definitely narrow down the possibilities for you to less than 10 birds.

You can read more about Twigle in this article.

Twigle Launch Notification

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