Twigle is now out to identify all those tweeting birds

Twigle - Bird Recognition App home screen

Twigle – Home screen

Twigle WPS QRTwigle has now been officially released on the Windows Phone Store. What’s really cool about this bird identification app is that you can record a singing bird and the app will process that bird song and try to identify the bird for you.

Yes that’s right it achieves for birds what music recognition apps do for music that is being played. In fact the idea for Twigle was inspired by the music recognition app SoundHound’s ability to identify songs that users hum to it.

It’s not every time that you will be able to use Twigle’s bird song identification features, e.g. it may be too noisy, or the bird is not loud enough.  Twigle allows you to search for a bird by its characteristics  like its habitat, size, feather colours,  etc. and the birding app will find birds that match those features.

You can also search using the the scientific name, common name, or the family name of the bird.

Head over to the Windows Phone Store, download Twigle and try try it out.

Download from Windows Phone StoreTwigle WPS QR


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