Twigle Birds Field Guide updated to show full screen images with pinch to zoom

Today we updated Twigle in the Windows Phone Store where great new functionality. Twigle can now display full screen images that you can pinch to zoom. These  features enables you to see the birds features with great clarity.

Full screen composite id image

Full screen composite id image
Photo: Richard Crossley

Last week we added hundreds of new birds to the database for birds in Europe and nearly all of them have HD composite id images. The full screen image display with pinch and zoom with be really useful in learning the bird features from these images.

Twigle offers detailed information on bird identification, behavior, habitat and distribution, diet and breeding for 258 birds in Europe and in a separately downloadable database 205 birds of North America.  The app also includes high quality and HD photographs, and playable bird songs and calls.

Twigle is unique among birding apps in that besides allowing both novices and advanced birders to identify birds through searching by the bird’s physical characteristics it also allows identification by bird song recognition.

Twigle is available to download for free on the Windows Phone Store.

Twigle WPS QR

Download from Windows Phone Store

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