Twigle, a revolutionary bird song recognition app coming this spring

Update: Twigle is now available in the app stores.
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Twigle - Bird Recognition App home screenFor those of us who have used music recognition apps like Shazam™ or SoundHound™ it was really a wow experience the first time (and the many times thereafter) where you had your smartphone tell you the name of the song playing after recording just a few seconds of it. To me, SoundHound™ is the most amazing because I can actually sing to it and it can identify the song (mind you, I’m a very bad singer)!.

I thought to myself, “if this app can identify my bad singing, it is then technologically feasible to make a bird call identifier, an app that can identify bird songs!”. Fast forward to more than a year after the idea came into my mind that bird song recognition app, called Twigle (meaning “tweeter search”) is about to see the light of day.

What sets Twigle apart from other birding apps out there is its ability to record a singing bird and identify the bird by its song.

Twigle - Birdsong Identification App listening screen

Twigle – recording screen

Twigle is going to be released on the Windows Phone Store later on this quite soon in time for spring in the northern hemisphere. It will be available free to download. About a week after launch we will make an update where some premium features will only be accessible after making an in-app purchase.

Twigle returns the correct bird in the top 10 about 70% of the times. The total number of birds that Twigle’s database has is about 300 birds, and those that it can recognise using audio is currently about 100 species, representing European and North American birds.

For scenarios when birdsong recognition is not possible e.g. when there is a lot of noise or for species that are not yet in the audio recognition database, Twigle incorporates features found in traditional birding apps that allow the user to input the bird’s features like size, feather colours, habitat, etc. and the app will find birds that match those features.

Twigle Launch Notification

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