Spring is here, the birds are tweeting and Twigle is ready for Southern Africa – in a really big way

Twigle - Bird image recognition, black winged stiltAs spring is starting in the southern hemisphere, I am happy to announce that Twigle is just about ready for Southern African birds. For birders in the region, this is not just any other birding app, but a technological advancement of grand proportions to bird watching as it comes loaded with an image recognition feature for bird photos.


twigle-wp-ir-african-fish-eagletwigle-ir-african-hoopoeThis initial release for Southern Africa will have a database of 350 species that have been selected as the most commonly encountered birds. The audio recognition feature will however not yet be available for Southern African birds as it is not yet ready.

With this new release,  scheduled for 1 September 2015, Twigle will now also be available on Windows in addition to the iOS and Windows Phone platforms on which it was published last year for birds of North America and Europe.


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