Hundreds of new HD composite id images added to database for North American birds

A new awesome update has been made to Twigle’s database for North American birds. We have added composite id images for hundreds of birds.

Full screen composite id image

Full screen composite id image
Photo: Richard Crossley

These HD images created by Richard Crossley depict both males and females, seasonal plumage, various ages  and poses like in the attached screenshot.

By showing the birds in the many different contexts that we are likely going to see them in the field it makes it easier for you to correlate what you are seeing/saw with these identification images.

This will definitely help you better learn and identify birds and we know you will enjoy it!

With Twigle you can view these images in full screen both in portrait and landscape modes and you can also pinch to zoom to see all the fine details on the birds.

Twigle is available to download from the Windows Phone Store.

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Download from Windows Phone Store

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