How to attract birds to your garden

Golden finches at a feederHaving lots of birds in the garden is very pleasant and makes it much easier to view them. Birds will find your garden attractive if there is water, food, cover and nesting sites.

You can start by putting up a bird feeder. You will need to position the feeder such that squirrels cant reach it. With the feeder set up, fill it with good quality wild birds seeds. Remember to position the feeders within 1m of or over 6m away from windows to minimise the risk of birds flying into windows.


A bird bath will also attract birds to drink and bath in your garden. Just make sure the water is always clean and not too deep.

Wood pigeon at a bird bath

Birds will also need cover and nesting sites. So it is a good idea to also put up bird houses and vegetation which provides natural nesting sites. Vegetation will also complement in providing natural bird food in the form of fruits and berries.

We hope these tips will help you attract birds to your garden and would love to here your feedback.

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