Twigle – Bird Image Recognition / Photo Identification App


Designed to help beginner and intermediate birders, Twigle automatically identifies birds from their photos. You simply select a photo of a and Twigle will identify it.

Twigle blue crane image recognition on iPhoneThe New Bird Image Recognition Feature

Twigle uses image recognition to help you identify 540 species of birds from North America, 350 species from Southern Africa and 310 species from the UK & Ireland. The bird photo id has an accuracy of 60%. 90% of the time the correct species will be in the top 5.

The app is available on the App Store.


All Features

With Twigle, you’ll enhance your bird watching experience with these awesome benefits:

• Identify birds from their photos
• Search smart by color, habitat, bird size, and bird appearance
• Keep a bird journal to record all of your memorable sightings
• Explore composite identification images of birds in various stages of their lifetime
• Listen to several bird songs and calls through the in-app database
• View HD pictures to see each bird in high detail


Twigle’s Firsts

Twigle is the first app with bird photo id for birds of Southern Africa and for British birds. Twigle’s bird image recognition works for more bird species of North America than any other app on the market.

More info

Check out Twigle’s FAQs.

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