Count down to spring equinox, great new features added to Twigle

robin-185448_1920Today is exactly 10 days from this years spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. There is great excitement as the first signs of spring are being seen. We at Twigle Birds have been working very hard in preparation for this year’s spring to help you enjoy it as go out birding. New updates will be available in the Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store on Friday 20 March 2015 with some great improvements.

We have unbundled the database files from the iPhone app package so you can now download them just after you install the app. This will allow you customise your Twigle installation as you can now download only databases for the regions you want, and also update the data files without needing to update the app.

We have also added 50 more birds to the database for birds of the UK and Europe to bring the total bird count to 308. This makes over coverage one of the most comprehensive amongst birding apps for UK. A large number of audio files containing recordings of bird songs and calls has also been added to this database.

We believe these improvements will  help you to Identify, Discover and Engage with birds and nature this spring.

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UKDownload from Windows Phone Store

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