The White-cheeked Barbet, is green in colour, has a brownish head streaked with white, sometimes giving it a capped appearance. The bill is pale pinkish. Its length is 165-185mm, head of 51-53mm and tail of 60-67mm. Size varies from the larger northern birds to the southern ones.

Habitat and Distribution

The main range is along the Western Ghats south from the Surat Dangs and along the associated hills of southern India into parts of the southern Eastern Ghats mainly in the Shevaroy and Chitteri hills. In the city of Bangalore, this species has displaced the Brown-headed Barbet.


They mainly eat fruits, but may sometimes take insects.


These birds breed from December to July, sometimes raising two broods. They chiseling out the trunk or a vertical branch of tree with a round entry hole. Eggs are laid about 3 to 5 days after nest excavation. About 3 eggs are laid. The incubation period is 14 to 15 days. During the day both sexes incubate but at night only the female sits on the eggs.

Calls and Songs

Their call, is a monotonous Kot-roo ... Kotroo... starting with an explosive trrr. It is similar to that of the Brown-headed Barbet.