The Plumbeous Vireo is 4.75 inches (12 cm) in length, with a gray head, back, and flanks, and whitish underparts. It has a solid white eye ring and white wing bars.

Habitat and Distribution

Its range stretches from far southeastern Montana and western South Dakota south to the Pacific coast of Mexico, including the extreme southern regions of Baja California Sur. It is migratory, moving to the southern part of its range in winter, and its habitat generally encompasses open pine forests.


Mainly feeds on insects and supplements with fruit in winter.


The Plumbeous Vireo builds a cup nest out of bark strips and down in the fork of a twig. It lays 3 to 5 white eggs with some brown spots.

Calls and Songs

The song is persistent, consists of short, rough whistled phrases of several notes, that are 2 seconds apart. The phrases alternate ending on a high note and a low note, giving an impression of question and answer.