Nuttall to s woodpecker has black wings and tail feathers with white barring. Underneath, the colour is white with black spots and barring. It has a black forehead with white streaks on the sides and an unbarred black region at the top of the back. Adult males have a distinguishable red crown which females do not. On the juvenile of both sexes , the red crown is present. Their mass ranges from 30 to 45 g , with a body length of 16 to 18 cm (6.3 to 7.1 in).

Habitat and Distribution

Nuttall to s woodpeckers are non-migratory, they occur in northern California extending south towards the northwest region of Baja California, Mexico. Their preferred habitat is arid to mesic woodlands. They also occur in riparian sites and chaparral in the southern parts of its range because of the decrease in oak abundance.


They eat mostly insects found on oaks. By tapping and probing into crevices of trees they locate prey such as larvae of wood borers, click beetles, and ants. Berry seeds and sap are also eaten.


Breeding occurs in April and May. New nests are excavated each year by males inside cavities of dead trees such as willow, oak, and alder. Clutch size ranges from 3 to 6 eggs. Males incubate at night while the female incubates during the day. Incubation period takes up to 14 days.