Mountain wheatear or mountain chat is 18?20 cm long, and like other wheatears, it has a distinctive tail pattern, with a white rump and outer tail feathers. Its legs and pointed bill are black. The male is very variable in plumage, although the tail pattern and a white shoulder patch are always present. A white and black bird. The body plumage varies from pale grey to almost black, and it may or may not have a white crown to the head. The female is entirely dark brown apart from the white rump and outer tail.

Habitat and Distribution

This non-migratory wheatear is resident in mountainous and rocky habitats in Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and southernmost Angola.


It eats insects and berries.


It is monogamous and nests on the ground amongst rocks, laying 2-4 white eggs.

Calls and Songs

The Mountain wheatear's song is a clear melodic whistle interspersed with harsh chatters.