The Mistletoedbird is small, 9-10 cm long and 7,5-11 g weight. The male is glossy blue black above with a red chest and a slight red undertail, also a black centre running down its white belly. The female is dark grey above with a white throat , light grey underpants ana a touch of pinkish-grey under its tail. The eyes are black. Immature birds are similar to the female, but have an orange-pink bill instead of black.

Habitat and Distribution

Mistletoebirds are native to most of Australia (though absent from Tasmania and the driest desert areas), also to the eastern Maluku islands of Indonesia in the Arafura Sea between Australia and New Guinea. They also must live where there is a lot of trees and shrubs.


This bird commonly eats the berries of mistletoes (a parasitic plant) and other plants. The diet also includes nectar, pollen, spiders, and insects.


The female Mistletoebird builds the nest by herself, a nest made of crushed plants and spider webs. She lays eggs in the nest and look after them until they hatch. When they have hatched both parents feed the young.