Hume's leaf warbler is one of the smallest `Old World warblers`. Like most other leaf warblers, it has greenish upperparts and off-white underparts. With its long supercilium, crown stripe and yellow-margined tertial remiges, it is very similar to the yellow-browed warbler (P. inornatus). However, it has only one prominent light wing bar, just a faint vestige of the second shorter wing bar, and overall duller colours. It also has a dark lower mandible and legs. This bird is not shy, although its arboreal lifestyle and cryptic colours make it difficult to observe. It is constantly in motion.

Habitat and Distribution

Vagrant in Western Europe. Breeds in the mountains of inner Asia. This warbler is migratory and winters mainly in India.


Like most `Old World warblers`, this small passerine is insectivorous.


The nest is built on the ground.

Calls and Songs

Its song is buzzing and high pitched. The best distinction from the yellow-browed warbler is the more disyllabic call.