The Hawfinch has a total length of 16.5-18 cm, and its wingspan is from 29 cm to 33 cm. It weighs from 48-62 g. Females are smaller and weigh less. It is a robust bird with a thick neck, large round head and a wide, strong conical beak with a metallic appearance. It has short pinkish legs with a light hue and it has a short tail. It has brown eyes. The males' plumage is much more appealing than the females'. The overall colour is light brown, its head having an orange hue to it. Its eyes have a black circle around them, extending to its beak and surrounding it at its edge. Its throat is also black. The sides of its neck, as well as the back of its neck, are gray. The upper side of its wings are a deep black colour.

Habitat and Distribution

The Hawfinch is distributed in the whole of Europe, Eastern Asia, the North of Africa (Morocco, Tunisia and Argelia). It is not found in Iceland. It is however found in the South, such as in Spain and Bulgaria, as well as in central Europe, including parts of England, south Sweden. In Asia it can be found in the Caucasus, the North of Iran, Afghanistan, Turkistan, Siberia, Manchuria and North Korea. Deciduous or mixed woodland, including parkland, with large trees is favoured for breeding.


The Hawfinch feeds primarily on hard seeds from trees, as well as fruit seeds, which it obtains with the help of its strong beak with accompanying jaw muscles.


The Hawfinch builds its nest in a bush or tree, and lays 2-7 eggs.

Calls and Songs

The call is a hard chick. The song of this unobtrusive bird is quiet and mumbled.