The upperparts are plain grey-brown with a chestnut wing-panel. The underparts are white with black spots and the face is white with bold black markings. The underwing has a black and white pattern which is visible during the undulating flight. It is 22?24 cm long with an erect posture, short tail, heavy bill and fairly long legs.

Habitat and Distribution

The species is found in savannas, grassland and open woodland. It can be tame and will forage in parks, gardens and around picnic sites.


The cup-shaped nest is built using vegetation and spider-webs and is lined with feathers or leaves. Three or four eggs are laid and are incubated for 14 to 15 days. They are bluish with lilac and red-brown spots and blotches.

Calls and Songs

The bird has a slow whistled song and a clicking call.