Grey-headed Bulbuls' plumage is olive-green, with a medium-grey on the crown head, nape and throat. The forehead is yellow-green. The back, wings are olive green becoming lighter towards the vent. The rump has yellowing green feathers edged in black giving a barred appearance. The flanks are dark and grey edged. The undertail coverts are gray. The beak is greenish and grey while the legs are pinkish yellow. The iris is bluish white. The tail is grey at the center, the outer part is black and broadly tipped with grey. Both sexes are similar. Juveniles have the head dark olive with the yellow on the forehead duller. Length is 143-152mm.

Habitat and Distribution

This species of bird is found in dense reeds or thickets mainly near rivers and swampy areas inside forests. It is common in Western Ghats of south-west India, found from Goa south to Tamil Nadu, at altitudes up to 1200m. This bulbul is resident in moist broadleaved evergreen forest with bamboo and dense undergrowth


Green-headed bulbul feed mainly on fruits.


The breeding season is between January to June. They build their nest over a period of a week. The nest is a typical platform placed inside a low bush. The typical clutch size is 1 to 2 eggs. Incubation takes about 14 days. The eggs are pale pink to lavender and flecked in red, more densely on the broad end.

Calls and Songs

Call is a sharp chraink.