The Crested Tit is an easy tit to recognise because of its erectile crest, the tip of which is often recurved. It has a distinctive gorget and collar.

Habitat and Distribution

The Crested Tit is a widespread and common resident breeder in coniferous forests throughout central and northern Europe and in deciduous woodland in France and the Iberian peninsula. In Great Britain, it is chiefly restricted to the ancient pinewoods of Inverness and Strathspey in Scotland, and seldom strays far from its haunts. A few vagrant Crested Tits have been seen in England. It is resident, and most individuals do not migrate.


Like other tits it is found in pairs and it feeds on insects (including caterpillars) and seeds.


The Crested Tit makes a nest in a hole in rotting stumps.

Calls and Songs

Its song is a constant a constant zee, zee, zee.