A robin-sized bird, the Dunnock typically spans 13.5-14 cm in length. It possesses a streaked back, somewhat resembling a small house sparrow. Like the house sparrow, the dunnock favors a drab appearance in order to avoid predation. It is brownish underneath, and has a fine pointed bill. Adults have a grey head, and both sexes similarly coloured.

Habitat and Distribution

Dunnocks reside in the more mild western and southern parts of the globe, inhabiting much of Europe including Lebanon, Northern Iran, and the Caucasus. Favorite habitats of the dunnock include the woodlands, shrubs, gardens, and hedgerows


They buil a neat nest low in a bush or conifer, where adults typically lay three to five unspotted blue eggs.

Calls and Songs

The main call of the Dunnock is a shrill, persistent `tseep` along with a high trilling note.The song is rapid, thin and tinkling, a sweet warble which can be confused with that of the wren, but is shorter and weaker.