The average size of an adult male ranges from 220 to 410 g with a length between 35 and 46 cm (14 and 18 in). It is smaller than the average female, which weigh 330 to 700 g and measure 42 to 50 cm (17 to 20 in) long. Its wingspan is 62 to 94 cm (24 to 37 in). Cooper's Hawks have short rounded wings,a relatively long tail with dark bands, round-ended at the tip. Adults have red eyes, black cap, blue grey upper parts and white underparts with fine, thin, reddish bars. Their tail is blue gray on top and pale underneath. Immatures have yellow eyes, a brown cap and brown upperparts.

Habitat and Distribution

These birds are native to North America. Their breeding range extends from southern Canada to northern Mexico. During winter, Cooper 's Hawk migrate to as far south as Panama. They occur in various types of mixed deciduous forests and open woodlands. They are also fairly common urban and suburban birds.


Prey is captured with their feet while flying quickly through dense vegetation squeezing it repeatedly. They prey on small to medium sized birds and suplement the diet with hares, bats, squirrels, mice and bats.


The breeding pair of the Cooper 's Hawk builds a stick nest with a cup shaped depression in the middle, on top of large trees. The nests are typically 25 -50 feet high off the ground on a horizontal branch. Clutch is 3 to 5 cobalt - blue eggs. It is the female who incubates, for 30 to 36 days.