The Cetti?s Warbler is 13 cm to 14 cm long from bill to tail. Males average 15 g, females average 12 g. They have a rounded head with a narrow pale grey stripe arching over black eyes, and short, rounded wings. The upperparts are rich chestnut or dark reddish-brown. They are pale grey on the throat and stomach, with a longer and broader tail than many other warblers. Both sexes looks alike, but males are heavier than females. The male has a wing longer than 60 mm; that of females is 55 mm shorter. The birds can be aged by their plumage; juveniles look similar to adults but have fresh plumage and two dark or dark grey spots on the tongue.

Habitat and Distribution

The Cetti's Warbler usually inhabits damp areas including ponds, lakes, marshes and rivers. They breed in southern and central Europe, north-west Africa and east southern temperate Asia as far as Afghanistan and north-west Pakistan.


It is insectivorous. Cetti's Warbler preys on arthropods such as small, soft-bodied insects and larvae. These birds prefer tiny insects because they can digest them faster.

Calls and Songs

Cetti's Warbler songs are distinct, come in loud bursts, and are unique.