The Blue-winged Teal is 40 cm (16 in) long, with a wingspan of 58 cm (23 in), and a weight of 370 g .The adult male has a greyish blue head with a white facial crescent, a light brown body with a white patch near the rear and a black tail. The adult female is mottled brown, and has a whitish area at base of bill. Both sexes have sky-blue wing coverts, a green speculum.

Habitat and Distribution

The range is all of North America except western and northern Alaska, northern Yukon Territory, northern Northwest Territory, northeastern Canada. Their breeding habitat is marshes and ponds.The range extends from east-central Alaska and southern Mackenzie District to southern Quebec and southwestern Newfoundland. They occur in Europe occassionally and winter in California, Texas, the Gulf and Atlantic coast.


These birds feed by dabbling in shallow water.They mainly eat plants, and also molluscs and aquatic insects.


The nest is a shallow depression on the ground lined with grass and down, usually surrounded by vegetation. They lay 10 to 12 eggs and incubation takes 21 to 27 days.

Calls and Songs

The call of the male is a short whistle; the female's call is a soft quack.