The bird is a small songbird, it is 12cm and weighs 9g. The bird has a yellow face with olive markings, a pointed bill, white wing bars, an olive-green back and pale underparts with black streaks on the flanks. Adult males have a black throat and upper breast; females have a pale throat and black markings on their breast.

Habitat and Distribution

The breeding habitat is coniferous and mixed forests in eastern North America, western Canada and cypress swamps on the southern Atlantic coast. These birds migrate to Mexico, Central America, the West Indies and southern Florida. One destination is to the Petenes mangroves of the Yucat to n. Some birds straggle as far as South America, with the southernmost couple of records coming from Ecuador.


They forage heavily in vegetation ansd sometimes hover, or catch insects in flight. Also berries are consumed occassionaly.


The Black -Throated Green Warbler birds' nests are open cups, which are usually situated close to the trunk of a tree.

Calls and Songs

The song of this bird is a buzzed zee-zee-zee-zooo-zeet or zoo-zee-zoo-zoo-zeet. The call is a sharp tsip.