The Bell 's Vireo is a small North American songbird. It is 4-3/4 to 5 inches (12 to 13 cm) in length, dull olive-grey above and whitish below. It has a faint white eye ring and faint wing bars.

Habitat and Distribution

The bird is common in lowland riparian habitat ranging from coastal southern California through Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys. They also occur in foothill streams of Sierra Nevada and Coast Ranges in Owens and Death Valleys. Least Bell 's Vireos winter in southern Baja California, Mexico. Roughly half of the current vireo population occurs on drainages within Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego.


Bell's vireo feeds on insects and spiders.


Bell's Vireo makes a well-camouflaged nest on shrubs and vines but when found the bird will stand its ground against intruders.

Calls and Songs

Bell's vireo song is a s of slurred phrases that end with acending and descending notes sounding like `cheedle cheedle cheedle chee (pause) cheedle cheedle cheedle chew.`