The adult Asian Fairy Bluebird is about 24 to 27 centimetres (9.4 to 11 in). The male has glossy, iridescent blue upperparts, and black underparts and flight feathers. The female and first year male are entirely dull blue-green with shades of brown. The iris is crimson and eyelids pinkish.

Habitat and Distribution

This fairy-bluebird is found in forests across tropical southern Asia from the Himalayan foothills, India and Sri Lanka east through Indochina, the Greater Sundas and Palawan (Philippines). It is found also in Sri Lanka; the western coast of India from Travancore up to the latitude of Belgaum and Sawantwadi; Sikkim and the lower ranges of the Himalayas.


The Asian Fairy Bluebird eats fruit, nectar and some insects.


It breeds from February to April, constructing a shallow cup-shaped nest, made of moss or small twigs, in a sapling or small tree. The eggs, which are generally two in number, are greenish white marked with brown.

Calls and Songs

Its call is a liquid two note glue-it.