This is a typical leaf warbler in appearance, greyish-green above and off-white below. Its single wing bar distinguishes it from most similar species except the greenish warbler, Phylloscopus trochiloides. It is larger than that species and has a heavier, dagger-like bill, with a dark tip to the lower mandible.

Habitat and Distribution

This species occurs as an autumn vagrant in western Europe and is annual in Great Britain. Widespread leaf warbler in birch or mixed birch forest near water throughout its breeding range in Fennoscandia and northern Asia. It has established a foothold in North America, breeding in Alaska. This warbler is strongly migratory;


Like most Old World warblers, this small passerine is insectivorous.


The nest is on the ground in a low shrub.

Calls and Songs

Its song is a fast trill.