Twigle Has Just Gotten Smarter As It Now Includes Bird Image Recognition

photo idToday we have published in Windows Store a major update to Twigle with a new feature that helps birdwatchers identify birds through bird image recognition. The user simply selects a photo of a bird and Twigle will identify the bird in the photo.

Heretofore Twigle has been available on Windows Phone and iOS for birds of North America, the UK & Ireland. Today’s update is to a universal app, so Twigle now also runs on Windows (both 8 and 10) desktops and laptops and also includes 350 birds of Southern Africa.

With this update Twigle sets several records. It is the first app in the world to have both image and audio recognition for birds. First app that performs image recognition for birds of Southern Africa. First app to do image recognition for British birds. Twigle also identities more bird species of North America than any other app on the market.

“Twigle is the app of the future of birding,” says Gift Gana, the developer of the Twigle. “It is helping bridge the divide between nature and tech by allowing this modern generation to use technology to engage with birds around them and nature.”

Twigle - Bird image recognition, black winged stiltTwigle’s image recognition identifies 540 species of birds from North America, 350 species from Southern Africa and 310 species from the UK & Ireland with an accuracy of 60%.

An update to the iOS app with these new features is expected to be published within 2 weeks. The app was first released in 2014 with ground breaking technology for performing automatic bird song identification.

The app includes other traditional birding app features by providing detailed species descriptions, a bird journal, HD photos and recordings of birdsongs that can be played back from the on-device database. Birders can also use Twigle to help them identify birds by manually entering the physical characteristics of the bird that they are seeing, like its size and colour and the app will find the closest match.

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