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The world's smartest birding app, powered by cutting edge audio recognition and image recognition technologies to help you identify birds from their songs and pictures.

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Bird Image Recognition

Bird Image Recognition

Simply select a photo or record a singing bird and Twigle will identify it. Twigle uses image recognition to help you identify hundreds bird species from North America, Southern Africa, the UK & Ireland with an accuracy of 60%.

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Visual Identification

Visual Identification

  Search smart by color, habitat, bird size, and beak appearance. When you see a bird you can input the visual features that you are seeing into Twigle and the app will narrow down to only those birds that match all the features.

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HD Images

HD Images

This bird identification app also gives you access to multiple high definition images and composites for every bird, and you can play multiple bird songs and calls.

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Twigle helps bird enthusiasts to quickly and easily identify birds as it automatically recognises birds from their photos and birdsongs. Simply take a photo of a bird or record a singing…

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User Reviews

What users of Twigle are saying

As a bird enthusiast and wild life photographer, I was always curious to know more about birds, their unique sounds and their attributes. This app brings it all together for me. I have been able to identify birds with the sounds they make and now when I am out taking photos, I know which ones to click just by listening! Amazing app.

Damysmithy Damysmithy, App Store

Good app which holds its own well against the the more expensive RSPB version.

Ronald Ronald, Windows Phone Store

This app is amazing!!! I’m constantly attempting to identify the different birds that I see, but never have luck with my google searches. With this app, it makes it so easy with it’s step by step process. Not only does it provide pictures, but it also lets you hear the birds’ calls! Truly amazing!

J Martinez J Martinez, App Store